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55 Ratings

Dissident Aggressor ,

Hail To Crail!

I wouldnt consider myself a power metal fan in particular...there are songs by Dragonforce and other such bands that I like and I guess by being raised on classics like Rainbow's 'Stargazer' I have soft spot for this genre...that being said it was the title of the song 'The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee' that first caught my attention.... the pure cheesiness of it made me smile, I listened, I laughed...and then I bought the album...and then a strange thing happened, I got infected by it...

...and it hasnt been off my ipod since! (3 wks and counting)

Bowes and Crew have crafted a VERY tight album, with some exceptional musical abilities combined with sing a long melodies and maiden'esque 'stampeding horses' riffs...I'm a fan!

I sing a long with to Angus McFife...My head bounces along to 'Quest for the Hammer of Glory'...I chant along with 'Hail to Crail' etc, etc ....my wife has grown weary of the rousing yelling that eminates from the bathroom every night where I shower and sing of the battles against the evil scorecer Zargorath atop his undead Unicorn!

Sign me up now for the next release!!!!

nobadmojo ,


It's like pirate metal, except with dragons!

dante0220 ,

Chris does it again

When he announced with Alestorm that he was creating a side project focusing on cheesy power metal I was worried how it would turn out, why did I worry? This is awesome, long live Angus McFife.

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