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3 Ratings

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Movie + first season

By "Best", they mean "best of"… of pretty much "all of", as this collects all the musical numbers in the Wake Up Girls pilot movie, the first season, and the short-subject "Wake Up Girls Zoo". Actually, there's not that much material to cover, as the title group doesn't actually perform on stage until the last scene of the movie. That song, "Tachiagare" is here, along with first season OP "7 Girls War" and end credit theme "Kontonoha Aoba". Also present: two nearly-identical versions of "Gokujyo Smile", one by the WUGs and the other by I-1 Club, echoing a plot point in the anime where an untrustworthy consultant wrote the song for WUG! and then secretly provided it to their rivals as well. Along with all of I-1 Club's performance numbers from the anime, it seems like they've thrown in every bit of music they recorded (what the heck is "Datte", and where does it appear in the show?) to pad things out to album length. Still, it's perfectly agreeable idol anime music, from a franchise with a little more melancholy and edge than the ubiquitous Love Live.

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