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1 Rating

wilb55 ,

Not your Ordinary Hoosier

Butch Castetter is a Hoosier with a wider perspective than many of us in 'Hoosierland.' Ok, I admit I’m one of the corn-fed ones from Indiana, but as a group we’re not known for critical analysis of contemporary social, economic, and political issues. (John Mellencamp is a shining exception among our homegrown singer-songwriters.) With a name like Butch you’d expect straightforward, shoot-from- the-hip melodies and lyrics, but the songs on this album easily blend creative metaphors with strong blues riffs and driving rock rhythms. His songs deal with the issues that boomers face; painlessly weaving them into tunes with a healthy portion of self-effacing humor. One such take on daily survival is the song Swim Real Fast, where a smile creeps around the edges of both the music and the lyrics; Norway Drive reflects on re-invention of ourselves in midlife, and Fade Away puts loss into the light of a natural cycle, yet acknowledges that “the people left behind sometimes can barely stand the pain.” It’s not all serious; there are love songs here, too: State of Nirvana, Coming Back for More, and Last Night Down In Houston are all evidence for Butch’s admiration of feminine qualities. Listen to it and see if you don’t find yourself humming the songs to yourself later on today.