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63 Ratings

Nate84 ,


I've been listening to this cd for a couple weeks now. I work for my church so we recieve cd's early. All of the songs are good. Bless HIs Name is awesome, we've already done it at our church...everyone loves it. The version of If You Say Go is different, but impacting. If you dont know the story of the artist of that song, find it. It's powerful.

whitepigeon ,

Mellow intensity...

I don't quite know how to describe this worship CD. I don't typically see one, read a quick review and just pick it up. But this is beautiful worship. "Oh Lord Be My Shepherd" is has a wonderful primitive/ethereal feel and leads me right into worship.

Had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lizotte a few years back. He's just wonderfully raw and real. It was the first time I felt that I had seen a person truly lead worship guided by the Spirit. "I Will Trust You" just pushes and pushes and pushes....

Jeremy Riddles voice rides on such subtleties, I find myself drawn into worship. "Sweetly Broken" is simply beautiful.

Rita Springer defines intense worship. "If You Say Go" is a pretty good song, but the words touch me where I am right now. That is: "Step out on the water.." We're currently doing missions work in Tanzania, East Africa. I can picture this being used behind a PowerPoint used to gain support for a mission trip.

"Better Than Life" is just a weird worship rocker, but I love it. It's got a mellow, harmonized but grungy kick to it. Nicely done...

"Bless His Name" is a straight forward, "Let's learn it for Sunday" worship song.

In all honesty I haven't listened to three songs because we have daily 12 hour power out here and our internet connection is so slow here that it takes forever to get a full CD. I started downloading it last week and just got the last few songs this morning.

But I was digging the country slide tones on "My Redeemer" by Ryan Delmore.

Only one I didn't like much was "We Need Your Touch." I can imagine some congregations really enjoying it--it really guts it out, but just not my style. I like some gospel stuff, but this one just a bit predictable.

Well done Vineyard.

Praise Jesus!!!

revbauman ,

Underrated, under-recognized Vineyard produces another great CD

Quite possibly Vineyard's strongest album since Dwell. Unlike their modern-worship arena counterparts, the album has a depth that will last you listening for weeks, if not months.

For worship leaders the first three tracks will work in your corporate worship environment. I've had great response (and I am not a Vineyard pastor).

Highly underrated Jeremy Riddle is one of the most gifted worship songwriters of our time, and the title track is AMAZING.

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