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4.3 out of 5
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299 Ratings

WooHoo17 ,

Wyclef Jean has returned!

This is Wyclef Jean’s 5th solo album. And I have always been a huge fan of Wyclef Jean ever since he was in the fugees. This is an improvement for Wyclef. His song, Sweetest Girl has became a big hit over the past couple weeks. Lets take a closer look:

Intro-Not like you’re average intro from Wyclef Jean. It is somewhat rock. 3.5\5
Riot-The song is kind of strange. Strange rapping, beats and everything. It is overall a very weird song. 4\5
Sweetest Girl-Dollar Bill-features Akon, Lil’Wanye, and Niia. That album’s 1st single. This is the album’s best song. I love it because of the way the whole song combines. Wyclef Jean did a great job. Akon did amazing as always in the chorus. I love Akon cause of his nice voice. Lil’Wanye’s verse was good to. Niia’s background part was solid. It all combined together with nice melody and rhythm. 5\5
Welcome to East-If you look at a track before this song, than you realize that this is the same thing with sizzle. On almost every album there is one person that contribute in like every song of the album! 4\5
Slow Down-features T.I. This is the second best song of the album. I like it cause Wyclef Jean did a nice job. T.I. was pure fine. This is defiantly a song that I recommend. 5\5
King & Queen-My third favorite song of the album. It features Shakira. Shakira did an awesome job. The whole song is great to. I have always been a big fan of Shakira. P.S. What is funny is Shakira featured Wyclef Jean in hips don’t lie. In this song it goes the whole other way around. 5\5
Fast Car-features Paul Simon. The song has a nice feel to it. 4.5\5
What about the baby-features Mary J. Blige. This song is awesome. It seems that all rappers do a song with Mary J. Blige. Anyway this is another great song on the album. My fourth favorite. 5\5
Hollywood meets-features Chamillionare. Anything that features Cham always sounds great. Cham did great in his verse this song is just pure fine. 5\5
Another day-Sounds like it is Nora Jone’s song. Cause she does a lot of the song instead of Wyclef. I love Norah. Great song! 5\5
Heavens in Newyork-This is one of the only songs on this album that is a solo song. 4\5
Selenna-The song is pretty strange, but I still like it. 3\5
Touch our button-it features a big number of people. I only have time to name a few. William was awesome. His verse is amazing. However it is the same this w\ Sizzla. 5\5
Outro-Like all inrtos\outro it is completely instrumental. It is more of an outro for Wycelf than the intro. However there are still a number of songs after it. 4\5
Million Voices-Another song that has a nice feel to it. 5\5
Emmanuelle-a lot slower than most of the song. I do not know why it is labeled hip hp and rap. This song is not one of those two. 2.5\5
Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) [Remix]-features Akon, Lil’Wanye, Raekwon, and Niia. Such a great song you cannot screw it up. Now even with a remix. Plus they added an extra verse by Akon. 5\5
China Whine-Love Elephant man! 4\5
Our tour-features Lucina-Another song that has kind of a nice feel to it, but it is also half weirdness. 3.5\5
Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) [George Meana and frank Estevez Fusion Remix]-Still a very great song. This remix is hot and great to dance to. Any remix of this song is good.

Top 5 Songs:

1) Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)
2) Slow Down
3) King and Queen
4) What about the baby
5) All Hollywood meets

Final thoughts:

Wyclef Jean’s 5th solo album is defiantly the killer. This is a lot more enjoyable the Wyclef’s first few albums. And I knew it would be all along. This is defiantly a wonderful album that I will highly recommend. Wyclef has always done good work from beginning to end. I hope he continues his improvement!

kfreeman92 ,

I am in love with Sweetest Girl (Dollar bill)!!!

This song is amazing! I listen to it ALL THE TIME! It is inspiring, eye opening, and it has a great tune. Great job on it! I am like, the biggest fan of this song! Thanks!

T. Walden ,

No need for a "Clean" version.

Every song on this album has stayed in my playlist. All of the songs have a great beat and are plesant to listen too. While listening to this album, I noticed that my ears were not being accosted by constant cussing. When I bought the album, I noticed that there wasn't a Explicit and a Clean version, but didn't think much of it at the time.

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