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4.8 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

brahdah dakine ,

Love, Love, Love...Love it!

a consistent album with solid songs from beginning to end. "Love, Love, Love" will keep you smiling with it's quirkiness(ALL SMILES, WE FIT TOGETHER, SWEETER) all while still managing to hold your attention with penner's witty & charming lyrical work (A LITTLE BIT CRAZY, DON'T COME OVER, APPLES & ONIONS). it's always refreshing to hear an artist who has a grasp on their own identity, which then translates to a complete album that doesn't lead the listener down any "detours". the album contains strong musicianship, thought-out production and overall comes across "tasteful" as it doesn't blatantly force bubble yum into your ears. "Love, Love, Love" is catchy without even trying and for that i applaud you Jess Penner. 5 stars with a cherry on top.

Paul_T ,

If Jack Johnson Were A Girl, He'd Be Jess Penner

Jess Penner may very well be one of the most famous singer/songwriters you've never heard of. Her catchy hooks are all over the airwaves in commercials, and finally you can get the full-strength, full-length versions here. Hawaii is obviously in her DNA because each song hits you like a warm summer breeze, propelled by sparkling guitars and the sweetest voice this side of the sun. You cannot listen to these songs without smiling. I love, love, love this album!

Rex Jones ,

This surprise album is sweeter than seeing in stereo when you

Steve Martin once said you just can't sing a depressing song when you're playing the banjo. Well, you also won't hear one when you listen to Jess Penner.

Penner and her drummer husband Kevin hail from indie rock band Chandelle. They've been on the music scene for a few years in Hawaii and LA, and already have several albums under their belts. Jess Penner's music is award-winning and can been heard in such TV shows as "The Hills," "Taking the Stage," and "Good Morning America." So yeah, she knows what she's doing.

Deviating from the rock-driven sound of Chandelle, "Love, Love, Love" embraces a gleeful combo of bouncy rhythms and heartfelt lyrics. In an industry which is bombarded by pedestrian, melancholy lyricism or uninspired vulgarities and autotuning, Penner's voice delivers something very refreshing: music to put a little bounce in your step.

The 12 tracks of this album set themselves apart from the typical bubblegum-pop newcomers or nay-sayers may automatically associate with them. Jess and Kevin Penner have always been very deliberate and artful in their music, from guitar riff to drum fill. They're not just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks--they know exactly what sticks. The beautiful part is how effortless it sounds.

Check out this album. It's cleanly mixed, it's delicately sung, it's catchy as hell. It brings out the sunshine on a rainy day.

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