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61 Ratings

tilx0face ,


From late spring to early fall Hurts teased fans with 5 singles showcasing what their newest record SURRENDER would sound like, and now, officially, SURRENDER Is out and as the 5 singles that came before the record's official release showed off, SURRENDER as a record Is a beautiful, perfect, flawless and pristine record! Crossing genres, and coming into the light with their musical fashion some fans found little to like, but from me personally this was probably the best move of the duo's career! While Happiness and Exile are both amazing and toned works of art SURRENDER feels like the Hurts comfort zone, where all passed and present came together and baked up one hell of a hybrid.
Surrender features many things, Genre crossing, New sound & A Choir to select a few. Theres the current day 'pop' track Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us, that has a build up and drop with action packed vocals, Then theres the funkiness of LIGHTS which channels the late King Of Pop himself, the synth pop of SLOW which has a strong Blaqk Audio tone to It, the heartbreaking ballad of Wish & and the Anthem-esk Kaleidoscope. Every listed, above & beyond about this record is fresh, It's all over the musical map! Fans fret not though, tracks like Rolling Stone and have that familiar HURTS style to them cloaked In Surrender's very thematic curtain. So yes theres a lot new, some old, but all good In every which way! Very few times can a well established band move away from their roots and manage to keep their heads above the waters of fans and critics alike, but HURTS have done so very flawlessly and professionally fans will get over the fact that It's no longer all doom and gloom and get up and dance, sing along, and bob their heads to every crystalline beat featured. My personal favorite off the record Is a tough choice between Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us & Kaleidoscope, both the more poppy of the record's offerings. But both show HURTS In new lights, lights I don't mind gazing into with wonder and satisfying warmth.
Though Surrender is but a day old I've gone through It so many times already to possibly rule out any bumps I may have and to no surprise I have none. Every track is different and interesting, all good, all a radio-wave killer In their own way. The record begins epically with a Choir chant of SURRENDER, and ends with a somber tale of love and justice In the track titled Policewoman. More tracks to mention are Wings & Why. these also have a little 'older' Hurts style In them, Wings having an amazing cinematic feeling to it, and Why being 6th single and music video worthy! Why Is the 'Sandman" track of Surrender In short. I've fallen In love with this record over-night, It's lush instrumental work and angelic vocals sing louder and louder with every listen. The styles chosen and used for the record are career defining choices, and every track could be a single all their own. Some fans reactions (I must address) have been a tad close minded, some have gone as far as calling Surrender the 'Black Parade' of HURTS' career which Is simply absurd. This Is musical growth at It's very best! THIS Is a record that will become a timeless example of how music made by true music lovers can flourish and still maintain the style and context of the artist's past work. HURTS have my support, this record Is a blessing!
Surrender - 5/5
buy, download, do what you need to.. SURRENDER to HURTS and let your heart and mind be captured In this color soaked record of love and sorrow!

Curly nightmare ,

Hurts my heart.

Great album. They are a gem on earth.

Rohan Priest ,


Their best yet!

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