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4.4 out of 5
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252 Ratings

Well, wouldn't you like to know. ,

This Is Basically Half the Movie, Right Here!

I saw the movie, and at first, by the trailers I thought it wuz going to be just "ok," average, but when I saw it it wuz better than I thought! It wuzn't my favorite, but it wuz pretty up there, you know, like a four star rating on iTunes. I wuz supprised at how many really good songs they played in the movie. There wuz one song they played which isn't on this soundtrack. It wuz "Holiday" by Green Day. It wuz the first song they played in the beginning of the movie when Cody Mavrik, the main character surfs on the water in Antarctica with his "ice board." That song isn't in the soundtrack, but everything else is. A few of these songs I know, but, even if I didn't recognize some of the songs I still recognized most of the artists on the album. This is true quality rock! It is the perfict combination of songs that make you wanna kick back, maybe tan on the beach, or ride "the big one", the big wave! I hope you like this soundtrack as much as I do. If you like this soundtrack you should definetly see the movie. Just about half of the movie they have moments where they play one of the songs, at least half of the song each time. So, even if you don't see the movie you would only be missing "half" of the movie, instead of missing the whole thing! This is tight!

RECK13 ,

Missing Songs...

Only gave this 3 stars becuase it's missing songs. I looked at this cd at Best Buy, and it had Green Day and some other stuff, and this doesn't. I don't know why. Makes me wonder what other cds are missing songs....

Kays ,


Surf's Up was an amazing movie, the best I have seen yet. The music in the movie was great, and very well kept with the action and emotion in the movie. The only thing is, two Green Day songs were played, yet neither of them are in the Soundtrack. Thats fine though, if you want all the music you love from the movie, go buy Welcome to Paradise and Holiday from Green Day and count it the soundtrack for the best movie of 2007!

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