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64 Ratings

Nebraska_HuskersR#1 ,


Supremacy is one of the heaviest albums I've heard in a long time. But why alll of a sudden does iTunes only put on clean lyrics. If you don't like people saying EXPLICT words, then you can go and F(_)CK yourself! Get rid of this clean s h i t right now. Defeatist, Destroy Everything, and Supremacy of Self are the best songs on this killer album but buy the whole thing from another music store that has the "REAL" VERSION".

Gang Green ,

Hatebreed...CLEAN lyrics?

I don't listen to Hatebreed for their "cute and cuddly" lyrics. Please stop stripping groups like Hatebreed of their artistic integrity. If people are offended by foul language, they can always download Kidz Bop.

XdavidX ,

2 1/2 stars actually

I'm a long time fan of Hatebreed going all the way back to Under The Knife EP and their old 7"s. Out of everything that this band has released this album falls at the very bottom of their list for me. There's really nothing that stands out on this album like on so many others of theirs. To The Threshold and a couple others are the only thing that's reminiscent of old Hatebreed. Several other's such as Destroy Everything come dangerously close to nu-metal(and some of the worst nu-metal I've heard). I also really don't like the Fear Factory style singing parts in some of the songs. While there are songs that have that raw angst driven energy that we've all come to know and love about Hatebreed, the majority of this album falls very short of the Hatebreed power thanks to massive overproduction. If you're a true fan of Hatebreed then give it a shot, if you're looking for a good introduction to the band look towards Statisfaction or Persaverance.

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