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43 Ratings

flipmode squad ,

Great songwriting.

Listen to "Crooked Smile" and you'll hear a dead ringer for the smokey smootheness of an early James Taylor's voice and autobiographical honesty. Lazlo Bane transcends the frank simplicity of JT's early lyrics throughout the remainder of the album, however, and spins engaging metaphorical conceits out of tracks like "Gold Miner Dream," "Ship On The Wall," and "Scene of the Crime." Throw in the up-beat pop of "Hold Me" and "Are You Talking To Me?" as well as the sinister grittiness of "Carbon Copy" and the afforementioned "Scene Of The Crime" and you've got an album with broad appeal that shows a skill of songcraft running deeper than the relatively famous Scrubs theme, "Superman."

marzipan452 ,

Who is Lazlo Bane?

Lazlo Bane isn't well known. Most unknown artists have one song that is huge but people don't know who sings it, all they know is they like the music. Lazlo Bane is one of these guys. His song is Superman. (It is the theme song of Scrubs.)

If you like Superman I am sure you will like a lot of his other music.

Overall this album is pretty good.

Berty200 ,

Who is Lazlo Bane? (Myspace Profile)

Lazlo Bane- Their Myspace Profile-

Why, we are! We're Chad, Chris, Tim, and Chicken; four old friends united by music and a love of Cheetos. We grew up together back on the east coast, where the dreams were fat and the wallets were skinny. The Bane started out in a garage (literally!). And like a lot of garage bands who survive more than a month or two, we quickly set our sights on the Holy Grail of pop music: THE PERFECT SONG (cue angels singing). Now we're on a mission. Whenever we get together we sit down with pencils and paper to write the greatest, world-saving, relationship-reuniting, despair-preventing, put-a-smile-on-your-face-and-a-bounce-in-your-boots song ever! Sure, it usually doesn't work out that way. But we like to think of our CDs as proof of the journey, which is always better than the final destination anyway, right? And, yes, if you want to be particular, we're not on some big bogus record label. But that doesn't mean we can't rock out in your car stereo. Just think how cool you'll be when your buddies hear the Bane for the first time and say, "Woah, dude. Who is THAT?" And you say, "THAT, dude, is Lazlo, and I DISCOVERED THEM!"

So enjoy the tunes, spread the word, and drop us a line. We love hearing from you!


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