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3.3 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

M500 ,

most won't get it...

but longtime Boredom's fans have been waiting a long, long time for this and the rest of the VICE series!!!! The last 4 songs are the perfect.

sleepwhenyoudie ,

i think they would be proud...

...with the reviews of the this album that are up on itunes. really i haven't heard most of the boredom's stuff. they've been around a really long time and they've gone in and out of major and minor labels and i really don't think they give a crap if people hate them... because they make the kind of music that isn't well liked by the masses or people that don't really get or understand noise music. of its noise thats something this band is a part of. they aren't bound by it but it's undoubted a part of the genre's they gap. if anything, the other reviews made by prior reviewers who hated it... make me want to buy this album more. thanks!

Goomba4001 ,

Don't Sample Review

Don't. The songs are much better than the 30 seconds iTunes give out.

Also, this is not the best of the Boredoms. This is for you folks that have bought almost all of their albums and are dying for more. Like me! This album has a lot of tracks. A lot. But what's kinda lame is that some are just cut-up sorta remixes of others. Aw well. It is still a good listen for hardcore fans. If you aren't one (yet), get Super Æ, Vision Creation Newsun, or even Seadrum before downloading this.

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