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26 Ratings

Shiidon ,


While the album review is very comprehensive there is some additional infomration regarding Hummingbird that I am aware of. I had always thought Hummingbird was about the founder of the Baha'i Faith, I found out differently after meeting and asking Dash Crofts about it in 2006. He said that the Hummingbird represents all of the different Manifistations of God (Prophets) and how Mankind rejected them while they were here in this world. There is a depth and beauty to this song that shines even more with the meaning behind it being known.

Christine Robinson ,

Summer Breeze

This is still one of my favorite groups, and favorite albums.

I met Jim Seals and Dash Crofts when I was in college in the late 70s. Although I was not the sort of person to normally do this, I sneaked backstage (my friend was mortified but followed) after seeing them in concert at Indiana University.

A big guy, with mutton chop sideburns, saw us and started talking to us. I told him that they were my favorite and that I would love to meet them. Turns out he was their road manager. He grabbed me by the wrist and said "Honey, anybody as perty as you are can do whatever they want," and he dragged me to their dressing room, where they were doing interviews with the press. After the interviews they turned to us to talk. Jim Seals asked me what my favorite song was. I thought about it and then said, "I think maybe Advance Guards." He looked at me very surprised (unknown song on the back of the album maybe?) and then he got a huge smile and said, "Me too!"

But the real highlight is that they were doing a second show and they invited us to watch from the wings of the stage, and autographed back stage passes for us. We sat right there, stage left, watching the whole show. It was amazing.

JimmieCC ,

A Complete Album

A wonderful collection with a more than subtle feeling of oneness. I am able to revisit the emotions I had back in the 70s when this first came out. I am tied to so many of the songs in different ways. Each one bringing out memories and sensations that are so tightly tied to who I was while still in my twenties, so many years ago. Some of those feelings are reawakened by living thru these songs so many years latter. I am able to revisit my younger self in ways that photographs or even memories cannot wholly recreate.

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