27 Songs, 1 Hour


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4.9 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

J. Romine ,

Absolutely Thrilled!

I’m so excited that they finally released the original soundtrack to my favorite tv show. I’ve loved every piece of music and it seems like it’s only getting better in the 2nd half of the 5th season.

I love the contemporary and emotional feel of the music. The pacing is top notch and the subtle nuances the score gives when things are getting intense without it being overbearing and virtuosic are just fantastic.

As a composer myself I highly recommend buying the soundtrack AND watching this amazing show that doesn’t have a lot of “shock factor” nonsense to gain attention like other shows. It’s one of the best series on tv and I’m looking forward to much more….. I’ll be buying the physical cd on the 12th of February! KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!

str8fwdki11er ,

Finally we've been blessed

Finally after 5 seasons, the man behind the pivotal music in any Suits episode has finally released his works of art. Any background music you've ever heard in suits during a very intense climatic moment, like Daniel Hardman returning or Soloff threatening Jessica to waive her non compete or else he'll take over the firm has finally arrived. Suitors you're welcome

IBU22 ,

OMG I cannot believe this was finally released!!!!!

I’ve LOVED all the music since episode one and I’m absolutely ecstatic that USA finally released it.