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51 Ratings


Take your children back from society!

This the kind of music that our children should be hearring for inspiration, not misogynistic, self degrading rap. I challeng the people that have children, not to just be people with children, but be parents to your children. Society is constantly teaching your children what it wants of your children in your absence, so take time to counteract societal teachings and guide your children in a direction that will not only benefit them, but will also benefit society. Peace and One

da Tru Music ,

@L.R. Polk

I love this album and I love gospel, but as a 14 year old, I found your comment very offensive. I'm not talking about Soulja Boy, but rap is just as musical as this, and I also found your hateful description of it offensive. I don't care if you don't like Hip-Hop, but I can tell you don't know much about it, so you should't be attacking it. In fact, Hip-Hop evolved straight out of this. In fact, 'Misunderstood' by Common samples Nina herself! I love Gospel & Jazz, but I wouldn't if my parents tried to shove it down my throat. Anything connected to 'Taking Children Back From Society' I want nothing to do with. Lastly, I doubt you live exactly like you parents. If we all did, we would still all be farming.

donito ,

Mr. Bojangles

Nothing more needs to be said about this fabulous artist!

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