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9.8K Ratings

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ALBUM REVIEW - Stronger - "Kelly Clarkson" (Joe Martinez)

1. Mr. Know It All -
In this song we see KC's R&B/Soulful side here, vocally it's perfect, not a lot of auto-tune involved, and the message is beyond brilliant. Personally, the song is my anthem, I've met a lot of "Mr. Know it alls" along my life, so it's great now i have a song to get back at them lol. On a side note, I think it is a good lead single. 9.0/10.0

2. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)-
The song, again an amazing message. It's the next "Since U Been Gone" in my opinion, maybe a little slow, but it's a great pop/rock song. Powerful vocals in the climax "Thanks to you I've got a new thing started/Thanks to you I'm not the broken hearted" 10.0/10.0

3. Dark Side
I'm in love with this song! It sums up the message "Even with my dark side, do you love me?" Again a perfect message and her vocals are sick!! The tone is perfect and it's actually very catchy. Bravo! 9.5/10.0

4. Honestly
I'm probably gonna get some heat for this, but I was not a big fan of this song in the beginning, but I gave it time to grow on me, say three plays. Now I can say: OMG!! That "Honestlyyy" in the second chorus is amazing!! That shows how much of a power vocalist she is, and it does remind me a little of "Behind These Hazel Eyes" meets "Hear Me". Perfect song 10.0/10.0

5. You Love Me
When KC explained in an interview what the song was about: "A really bad day", first thing that came into mind was "Irvine 2". Now I listen to it, it's weird, it's an emotional song, with such a catchy tune, and again Kelly's vocals are showcased perfect. One of my favorites in the album 100% 10.0/10.0

6. Einstein
This was one of the leaked demos under the name "Dumb + Dumb = U", so I was excited to see the result. I gotta be honest, I enjoyed the demo better, maybe because I felt it was a little more upbeat than the album version, but it's still a great song. 8.5/10.0

7. Standing in Front of You
I honestly didn't get some of the hate in this song. It's flawless!! It reminds me of "Be Still" in a way and it's very sentimental. "Take a breath and listen, open up start wishin, all that you've been missing, standing in front of you" Beautiful vocals, it's just a good soft ballad that fits perfectly in the album. 9.5/10.0

8. I Forgive You
KC worked with Rodney Jerkins in this song, something new here. I find the song really catchy, the same thing as the leak a few months ago with some small changes added. I think this song is fun and it's gonna be a hit in shows. 9.0/10.0

9. Hello
Another catchy song, and a fun one. It's kinda like an upbeat "Hear Me", expect it's not dark in any way. "Hello, is anybody listening?", shows the urge to find that perfect one. It's a good track to pump up in your car stereo on a road trip 9.5/10.0

10. The War Is Over
Perfect in every single way. I like it because it mixes the "Breakaway/My December" feeling together. The vocals are again, amazing, good beat, the lyrics are amazing. 10.0/10.0

11. Let Me Down
"Hazel Eyes'" brother, as KC would put it. This was the first demo that leaked of the album, and it was immediately single material in my opinion. It reminds a little of P!nk in the chorus and again, small changes added to the album version. But I have to say, the Climax is brilliant! "It's not fair to meeee!!" Powerhouse Kelly, that's what I like. 10.0/10.0

12. You Can't Win
Message-wise is perfect! It showcases every single thing that's wrong with the tabloids and media: They criticize every move a celebrity makes. My favorite part is when she addresses the weight and sexuality issues that have been haunting her over the years. "If you're thin, poor little walking disease, if you're not, they're all screaming obese. If you're straight, why aren't you married yet? If you're gay, what aren't you waving a flag?". Great way to put it. I do wish the chorus were a little more upbeat lyric-wise, but it's a great song still. 9.0/10.0

13. Breaking Your Own Heart
Another emotionally-driven ballad for the album. The vocals are so beautiful here, and when I listen to it, I listen to the KC of the "Thankful" era for some reason, which is actually great because it means she still goes back to basics, mixing it with a new sound that goes perfectly with the rest of the album. 9.0/10.0

14. Alone
I think it's another great track, I think it should've been in the standard album. The song reminds me a little of "Gone" from the Breakaway album. The vocals are great, and even though it's not my favorite song, I do think it's album material 8.5/10.0

15. Don't Be A Girl About It
This song screams P!nk over and over again, I think this song should be a single and she should remix the song with P!nk featured, that duet would be great! Anyway, back to the song, another upbeat track that's catchy and vocally great. 10.0/10.0

16. The Sun Will Rise
The violins in the beginning give me chills. This is a perfect country-style track, and I love it because it proves that KC is very versatile in music. Kara DioGuardi's partcipation in the song is actually pretty good, I had never heard her sing before and I think she's great and her and Kelly really managed to pull it off. Another great track and touchdown for KC! 10.0/10.0

17. Why Don't You Try
Love it! KC shows her "Aretha" side here, it's so moving and powerhouse KC is shown here vocally. So glad this is an iTunes bonus track and if you wanna listen to a true vocalist it's a MUST BUY 10.0/10.0


Yes, I think it's her best album to date. I personally love every song on the album, not that that's never happened before lol, but I think every song is special. As to "Mr. Know It All" being lead single, it's great because that means that after listening to the album, there are a lot of better songs that probably will be hits Congrats to KC for an amazing touchdown with "Stronger".

9.5/10.0 Overall Average

Headhsore ,

Kelly Clarkson is Stronger

Kelly is back with her 5th studio album. This time around, though, Kelly is no longer a bobble gum pop star. This time her album is much more grown up. I'd venture that STRONGER is Clarkson's most mature record yet. Yes, you still get catchy pop tracks, but this time there's a maturity to not only her amazing vocals, but the the production of each track. There's no auto-tune, no over processed instrumentals. Just Kelly's raw voice atop some of the best pop jams out right now.

Highlights include the title track, Dark Side, You Love Me, The War is Over, and Alone. However, the entire album as a whole is flawless.

Tyleer91 ,

Kelly Is Back!

Kelly is back with her new album 'Stronger'. It is an amazing album. I think that it is her best album yet. The vocals are amazing on each and every song. You won't be disappointed with this cd!

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