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4.2 out of 5
99 Ratings

99 Ratings

Tylergiles ,

Not what most people expect

So everyone seems to think this is going to be a metal supergroup... Not even close lol. Picture the most underground of the 70s prog rock bands and make it sound 100 times better and you have storm corrosion. To go by track
Drag ropes is about 8.5 of 10. A great opener and solid song. I love the vocal harmony on it but some of the music gets to repetitive.
Storm corrosion is a 10 of 10. Best track on here and cannot be described lol. If you aren't sure about buying the cd start with this song.
Hag is about an 8.75 of 10. It's alright through the beginning but dosent stand out... Then comes the heavy metal trapping that goes for about 45 seconds. Probably the most unexpected twist on the cd...
Happy is about a 6.75. Least favorite track on here... It's alright but honestly it just dosent have any special moment to seal it in my mind like the others.
Lock howl is a 9. Instrumental track and absolutely beautiful. It has an unexpected twist also (the claps) it is a really fun song at times and is probably the easiest to listen to for people new to this style.
Ljudet Inman (yes I probably spelled it wrong lol) is a good finale. The very high vocals at the beginning leave this song feeling even darker than the rest of the cd. However, they overextend the gradual process of slowly bring music in.... This results in a period of time where the music feels almost incomplete. The music and vocals are beautiful aside from that one problem though. I'd give this a solid 8 of 10
Basically the cd builds an atmosphere and drags the listener into its world. Once you truly listen to the cd it changes you... It might take a few listens to fully appreciate it but it is definitely worth the money.

Jtsmith44 ,

Give it a shot

These guys are innovators if nothing else. They have each transformed their respective genres of music. They have left others wishing they could have a small fraction of their particular level of genius.
This album is pure innovation. It's difficult, but it is rewarding.
Storm Corrosion is definitely not for someone looking for 4/4 time signatures and choruses. If you want to expand your musical palette, give it s shot.
I am a big fan, but it is easy to see how some may be turned off.
Please purchase this album to show that new forms of music are appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Rob Gaer ,

Exactly what it is supposed to be

Mikael Akerfeldt & Steven Wilson have been saying for months that Storm Corrosion would be a creative experiment - a third piece of a triad started by Heritage & Grace for Drowning. They have also been saying that their collective fan base would be split.

I've given the album a few listens and agree that it seems to meld concepts started by the two aforementioned albums. Simply enough, if you liked Heritage and also liked Grace for Drowning, you will probably like Storm Corrosion. If you didn't like them, you probably won't like this.

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