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61 Ratings


The Brilliant The Bodacious

The Bunny The Bear is different from any band I've heard. Put aside the theme of the band itself, because that's beside the point. Yes, the idea of a bunny and bear lead singer is different, but that should'nt be the focus.

What's fantastic about this band is how sporadic their music is album by album. Each album has a different central theme and musical creativity. While the last album, The Stomach for It, was extremely heavy, and their debut album with Victory was a mix of genres, this album is the perfect mix of soft and heavy. They really put their best foot forward in this album.

Plus, it was awesome to hear Matt (The Bunny) sing clean vocals, as well as screaming vocals. He does it well.
I know a lot of critics give them negative reviews because of their supposed inconsistencies as a band, but I think their inconsistencies count as more of a variety. The variety in their music is superb, and makes for an interesting listen album after album

Legacy-Of-M. ,


Been a fan since day 1. A lot of people hate them, but the love the originality. They don't sound like every other band. They lead, not follow.

Octobermode ,

Your Reasons

Great album; Your Reasons may be the most amazing, inspirational song I've ever heard.

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