4 Songs, 30 Minutes


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3.1 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Ninja Garu 095 ,

Very good remix album!

I Really enjoyed this album,only wish itunes in the US would release the other EP'S from Ronsons album version.
Heres how i rate the songs
1.Stop me(Dirty south remix)-8.5(Good but too lenghty)
2.Stop me(Dirty south remix dub)-6.5(Way too lenghty but ok for reasons)
3.Stop me(A chicken lips malfunction remix)-9.0(Very good but again a little long)(This song is missing from the tracklisting?It was there when i bought it last time)
4.Stop me(A chicken lips Dub duluxe)-7.0(Better than the other dub)
5.Stop me(Kissy sell out remix)-9.5(BEST REMIX ON EP! It may be a little choppy but beats the other 4 by a mile)

overall,buy this EP if you like remixes,otherwise just pass(8.0)

robotb ,

the preview clips are deceptive

The clip for the Kissy Sell Out Remix sounds great from the preview but be warned the full track is AWFULL! The mix takes the great lyrics and completely chops and hack edits them over lame electronic equivalent of diahrea. Be warned that if you like the original you you HATE this mix.


"the pain was enough to make a shy, bald Buddist reflect..."

"and plan a mass murder!"

"I drank one and it became four...when I fell on the floor I drank more!"

If you know what I am saying, why have you not already purchased this song?
*"Brilliant" is the only way to describe this already perfect tune! If you do not know this song from nearly 20 years gone by, you are in for a new ring to the ear. If you remember the Smiths, and knowing that young artist can actually do it better (sometimes) than their elders...this is it!

"Friday night in out patient?"

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