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4.7 out of 5
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162 Ratings

IXIONmetal ,

Sweet And Savage - Best Album Yet

This is an amazing album from start to finish. Shadows has retained their signature melodic thrash sound, while never repeating themselves. Creative, crushing riffs, incredible blistering solos, machine gun percussion, and improved vocals both more savage and angelic than previous efforts. I really have to emphasize that every aspect of this album is impressive. While the approach inspires mosh-pitting throughout, the softer moments are well done and add to the overall dynamics. This is easily Shadows' finest work, a must have for any metal fan.


Most raging album on 2009

Have always, always been a massive fan of the band but this is far and above Shadows Fall at their absolute best. The songs are thrashy, filled with great riffs and beats. The vocals are arena sized and every song will infect your soul. I can't get enough of this record. "Picture Perfect" and "Still I Rise" are amazing. Thank you Shadows Fall!!

jwapd ,

Much better than Threads!

I have been a Shadows Fall fan for a while now. I was pretty bummed when Threads came out. I know, I know.... bands evolve and change their sound, but I think Brian is possibly one of the best scream/growl vocalists in the metal genre. This is mainly why I was disappointed with Threads.

This album almost feels like it skipped over Threads like it never existed. There are still a bit more clean Brian vocals as opposed to anything pre-Threads, but I'm 100% okay with that. I was blown away from the first time I listened to it. The intensity and speed of Shadows Fall has come back to it's true form. I honestly think some of the riffs on this album may be some of the heaviest that they have produced so far. I would love to recommend a track as being my favorite, but I just don't think I can narrow one down. This entire album is phenomenal!

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