P.S. Thank You for Waiting

P.S. Thank You for Waiting

After first developing her creative talents as a fashion designer, filmmaker, and photographer (including serving as the official lens-master for hip-hop artist Olamide), Wavy (Jennifer Ejoke) turned her attention toward music, releasing singles like “H.I.G.H.,” “3,” and “Body Deep.” After a three-year hiatus that saw her tackling personal issues and reimagining her musical identity, P.S. Thank You for Waiting gives her genre-bending alté sound a new, Afro-futuristic pop direction. “Because of the delay in putting out my EP, I was able to also go through a process of learning and growing and being comfortable in who I am as an artist and as a musician,” she tells Apple Music. “So, the songs were pulled from different periods and eras of my life to become this project.”
Her debut EP is a convergence of influences gleaned from an upbringing that took her on a full-circle journey from Lagos to Kansas City, Missouri at age 10, and back to Lagos at 23. “I’ve been blessed enough to just experience different cultures and different styles of music,” she explains. “When I make music, I’m not particularly looking to make music to a specific genre, or to a specific crowd of people. I’m just making the music based on how I feel. If I am creating art, whatever I put into it, if it’s translated very well, whoever receives it is going to understand it.” Here, she gives us a track-by-track breakdown.
“Letter to Oxygen” (feat. Tay Iwar) “I recorded ‘Letter to Oxygen’ when COVID had just started. I was in Ghana, and I had a producer who I had previously worked with in Amsterdam. But I think what was left was I wasn’t very satisfied with the hook of the song, and I was like, ‘All right, cool, maybe later I’ll come back to this.’ So, when we were selecting songs for the EP, this was one of the songs that everyone agreed on. I was thinking about someone who would fit perfectly to go with the flow of the song and the vibe of the song, and Tay Iwar just popped in my head. Everything blended well together.”
“Harmonies” (feat WurlD) “We had a writing camp in Amsterdam, and I worked with different producers, and ‘Harmonies’ was one of the records that I recorded there. That day, the vibe in the studio, the energy was so good. The producer [David “Femi” Ojo] started playing the instrumental, because it was something that he had been working on before I came into the session. The first thing that came to mind was the melodies, and it just blended so well with the beat.”
“Got All Your Sugar (G.A.Y.S)” “I recorded ‘Got All Your Sugar’ in late 2018. I had just watched this movie, and there was a line from the movie—the guy was basically talking to his girlfriend in the movie. And he made a reference, saying, ‘Oh yeah, now I got all your sugar on me.’ After we watched that movie, I went straight to the studio, and then we were just vibing. And the way Kuvie and I work, we like making things from scratch and playing around with sounds and experimenting. We started making the instrumental, and the only thing that came to my mind was the line from the movie, and it fit so well. I didn’t think that it would be a song that I would put on my EP, but after going into my whole catalog and just trying to look for the vibes that I wanted, it popped up. ‘Got All Your Sugar’ is basically speaking about an intimate moment you have with someone that you really care about.”
“Stella Riddim” (feat CKay & Efya) “There was just this really soft and calming feeling to it when I heard it. At the time, I was just getting to know CKay. He made a very, very beautiful hook that fit right in. He says he’s an ‘emo Afrobeats artist,’ so it definitely fit well.”
“F*ck Luv” “I recorded ‘F*ck Luv’ when I made my trip to Amsterdam; I also went to London to work with some producers. It was an amazing record because I had already started performing it, even before it was released, and everyone loved it. I think it’s one of the records that, at the time I recorded it, really translated my emotions exactly the way I wanted it to.”
“Time” (feat. Genre Benders) “Most of the songs on my EP I recorded during the COVID period, and I think this was the moment where I realized that I was also growing as an artist and I was experimenting more with sounds, and how I wanted my vocals to sound, and my writing. It’s a heartbreak song basically, telling someone you love, ‘I’ve waited all my life for you, and I believe that you’re the one for me, but I also know that you’ve hurt me in this way.’ But again, it’s like, ‘Even though you hurt me, I still want to try, I still want to keep going because, basically, I’ve waited all my life for you.’”
“Situations” “I also wrote this in Amsterdam. I recorded it with Anthony Dirksen; he basically was my engineer the entire time, and he had played me a couple of records that he also produced himself. We recorded three tracks and they were basically all EDM, dance, house, electronic vibes. At that point in my life, I was going through my own personal things and trying to find myself, so I was literally just relaying that message on the record, so like, ‘With or without anyone, I will be fine basically,’ and ‘No matter what the outside world is trying to throw at me, I’ll always be fine. I’ll come back 10 times better.’”


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