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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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91 Ratings

Rob Law ,

Decide fo yoself

Three 6 Mafia's name has been a topic of controversy because of some people's belief that their name refers to the Number of the Beast (supported by their former name "Triple Six Mafia"). They are known to have mentioned the occult in song topics and this, with their name, has potentially affected their amount of television and radio play (until their success with "Stay Fly"). In their first full length LP, Mystic Stylez, the groups references to the occult reached its climax. The most notable example of the groups occult references can be found in the song "__ Wit Dis Click." Lord Infamous states "No I'm not a Christian," and DJ Paul's verse is filled with blatant Satanic lyrics, such as "I'm on a cross, Lucifer, please cut me free," and "A mind for murder but the barrel couldn't tell you half about this antichrist; Look into my eyes tell me what you see; The demonic man about scarecrowism; Saints can you feel me." However the group has never claimed to worship Satan, and in their acceptance speech at the 2006 Academy Awards group member Juicy J thanked Jesus for their nomination and win for Best Song in a motion picture.[7] The name's meaning is attributed to the fact that "it started with three people in the group, [and] ended up with six; Three 6 Mafia" (even though their original name was Triple Six Mafia) according to an interview with Juicy J.[8]

Their 2005 single, "Stay Fly," was also referenced in the argument of Three 6 Mafia's satanic "shoutouts" for the high pitched, almost female voice, in the background at the beginning of the song. The voice was assumed, by at least some, to be saying "Lucifer, Is My King, 'Til I Die" or "You're My God, You're My King, Lucifer." However, the track was actually derived from the classic song "Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold" by funk/soul singer, Willie Hutch. The actual track says "You're my pride, you're my dream, you're my Dar-ling."

In an issue of Entertainment Weekly, Juicy J defended the group, saying that the group's name was decided for entertainment purposes: "Back then in the '90s, nobody knew who we were. We had to get ourselves out there and be known; put something that would draw attention, and it did." Additionally, Juicy J's father is the pastor of a Christian church, and Juicy J has supported and helped fund the church community.

Tia Onyea ,


To all the "hip hop heads" who think they know what they're talking about...CHILL OUT. First of all...HOW MANY BLACK PEOPLE REALLY WORSHIP THE DEVIL??? Don't mean to make it a racial thing but LETS BE FOR REAL....To set the record straight there's nothing in "Stay Fly" that refers to Lucifer being their king or god....Yall trippin

newrayz ,

So what if they worship the devil

They still throwed. Just cuz they worship a different person than u dont mean you cant get crunk of there songs. They could worship my nuts for all i care, three 6 mafia reck on anyone.

and btw they dont worship a devil, but thats besides the point

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