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4.9 out of 5
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78 Ratings

//anna. ,

Muse. Cannot Be Mortal. Their Music Is Too Shockingly AMAZING.

Well. Basically I could go on and on about the amazing, inspiring, and biblical skill of Muse. The band that is basically Jesus. This EP embodies all of this, and Muse's amazing talent to put out something new with every song is fully apparent in this EP, full of remixes from more popular songs like Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole. And, of course, there is Easily, one of Muse's best b-sides to date. But of course, every new song they come out with is their best to date in my mind:] Matt Bellamy is..well...I think he may not even be mortal. Alien perhaps. He is too genius and his music is completely breathtaking. I am so glad iTunes is starting to get more Muse b-sides...America needs exposure to the best band in the world. Ever. When I saw this EP on genius I kind of fell out of my seat..god I'm excited. Anyways. There's nothing like Muse, nothing at all, so buy this EP and feel the absolute brilliance my friends:] ((annaa)).

andyourbirdcansing- ,


Matthew Bellamy, you genius, you! Was Muse touched by the Muses, or are they Muses themselves? Matthew Bellamy must write with a golden pen sent from the heavens. His lyrics are far too...amazing to even comprehend. Each band member's abilities are fantastic. How can a human possibly explain this band's greatness? They can't. Easily, oh where do I start? How about one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard? Yes, I said it. From the first listen I was hooked, I doubt it'd be different for any other Muse fan.

theghostgirl ,


Wow, I haven't known about Muse for that long, but they are already my favorite band. Their songs always get stuck in my head and I can't stop buying more of their songs. Matt has a great talent for writing songs. Keep up the good work, you guys rock!!

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