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9 Ratings

Eurrsk ,

Resistance is Beautiful

Wow... One of the best soundtracks for a T.V. series I've ever heard. The epicness flows through every song! :D

BXGenesis4 ,

Should Be Re-Released

This 1991 release is from one of TNG's best eps, "The Best of Both Worlds." Ron Jones, in his unique electronic-nee-orchestral way, effectively captures the fear, uncertainty, courage, and sacrifices of death that permeate the episode and make it good storytelling. In each track, one wonders if Riker and company will prevail or if the Borg truly will succeed. Notable cues here include "Borg Take Picard", which goes from cat and mouse game to one-on-one battle to chase, "Humanity Taken", capturing the Borg's assault on Picard and transformation into Locutus, "Cemetery of Dead Ships", and "Intervention". Also available in the iTunes store are several missing tracks, labeled "Bonus Tracks" in the Ron Jones collection. These tracks should all be remixed together for one release, much like the Star Trek films.

Volarus ,

True fear

Out of all the movies and television shows I've watched, there's almost always a 'destroy earth' plot in their somewhere. I remember when I watched these two episodes, for the first time, truly fearing for the fate of humanity.

The Borg is a race of cybernetic, zombie-like creatures of unknown origin. Traveling the galaxy in massive, eerie cube-shaped ships, the Borg seek to assimilate all species into their collective hive mind, which drains away all individuality. Every time the Borg speak, the monotone voice is that of all Borg speaking as one. When the Enterprise crew first encountered a Borg ship in deep space, their previously powerful weapons proved useless, and the Borg proceeded to tear apart the ship. Though the Enterprise escaped, the threat of the Borg finding Earth loomed for an entire season. When they finally arrived, the show suddenly aired this music, the first time it had used non-generic TNG music. 'Borg engaged', if heard all the way though, perfectly portrays the sense of doom and inevitability that came with the return of the invincible Borg. Definitely worth a listen for fans.

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