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4 Ratings

SuperMike1991 ,

An "Enterprise-ing" Finale

In the Season 1 finale, the final shot was that of Discovery face-to-face with the legendary USS Enterprise, NCC-1701. I'm really glad that Jeff Russo decided to include the entire theme from "Star Trek: TOS" Composed by Alexander Courage. As for the Big "E" showing up, it's about time.

Artemis9991 ,

A perfect Enterprise

Russo has a talent for using themes and allowing the music to fit so well and subtly into the mood of the story. It’s so distinctive that I can match the instrumentals to the scenes because they evoke the same feelings as if I was watching the episodes play out.

The inclusion of the original Trek theme is also a plus here as it perfectly plays over the humming engines of that familiar ship.

Echo7 ,


I'm sorry, you call that a theme?!?! It's just a bunch of random notes making noise. This soundtrack it just as bad as the series is. Avoid this and the series. Stick to the Star Trek before this crap - you know, when Star Trek was good and done correctly.

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