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295 Ratings


A Real Review (Cannot judge these songs until you have experienced which episodes they are on)

Coming from a spongebob childhood I too liked these songs and you can't enjoy them or say they are bad until you have seen the actually episodes they are on.

#1. The theme is classic
#2. Loop de Loop, was from the episode when spongebob learned how to tie his shoes again.
#3. The Texas Song, was when Sandy was feeling homesick and wanted to return to texas.
#4. Pre-Hibernation, The episode when sandy has a week before she hibernates and does extreme sports with Spongebob. This song was wrote to enhance the extremeness of what Sandy and Spongebob were doing.
#5. When Spongebob ripped his pants at Goo Lagoon and became depressed because nobody wanted to be around Spongebob, Sandy would rather be around Larry.
#6. F.U.N. Song was when Spongebob became Plankton's friend for the time being.
#7. Scaredy Pants, a song that appeared in the Halloween episode and Spongebob is scared of everything.

Overall: You cannot give this album a low review based on what the songs were intended for. These songs were aimed at children that watch the show on a daily basis and die hard spongebob fans. The only reason I give this a 4/5 is because there is only 7 songs. There are plenty of other songs that could have been added into this album but due to the demand in spongbob entertainment in 2001 Viacom had to make this album as quickly as possible. This album is only for die hard Spongebob fans and children. If your going to judge them you have to judge them based on what episodes they are from.

AmandaFromThe3OH!3 ,

um totally frickin AWESOME!!!

hah i'm in my teens and still love spongebob. DONT JUDGE ME! but yeah ha ha this album is the best ever made so BUY IT!

gothking97 ,

Love It!

Finaly! All the clasic spongebob! It is so great itunes has it on! I love all thease songs! My favorite song is f.u.n

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