14 Songs, 55 Minutes


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3.5 out of 5
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2 Ratings

Arnold Diaz ,

Sometimes musicians lose their edge

Zucchero was an exciting, groundbreaking and influential Italian artist in his day, even into the 21st century. He exhibited angst at times, a true sense of the blues, and even some heart-tugging melodies. He provided guitar-based songs with a certain edginess that always surprised. Now, he can be counted on to have programmed keyboards set to repeat their upward-downward oscillation, mid-paced dance songs of no particular consequence, regular handclaps to fill in the blanks, uninspired duets and a general sense of pleasant inoffensive tracks that will appeal to a fanbase that has gotten older. In short, Zucchero now creates safe music that will sound fine the first couple listens, and then you'll forget all about it. Perhaps this is intentional, or perhaps he has just lost the edginess. Either way, D.O.C. arrives D.O.A. Go to his older catalog first.

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