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25 Ratings

Biggs'o'Darklighter ,

At Long Last!!! Please read if you don't quite know about Gloryhammer and want to know more!

Now before someone complains about me reviewing this before it has been released please understand the conditions on which I am rating. This review is intended to be an informer for those who do not know and are not as anxious and exited as I am because they do not know. Gloryhammer is the extremely successful in my eyes and amazing side project of the band Alestorm (If we can even call it a side project after such an amazing debut album as Tales from The Kingdom of Fife). Alestorm has produced many great albums and they have left the band to sit and succeed at a great point of time in my opinion. This is also why I believe Gloryhammer is more of their main focus of recently. I f you don't already know, their debut album was an enormous surprise. No one saw this coming and no one expected it to be the side project of the band Alestorm, but the most intrigung part about the album is just how freaking fantastic it was. Not only was it set and portaited in a fantasy world in including dragons and things of that such, not only did it progressively tell an amazing story chronilogicaly from the begginning of the album to the end about the "Kingdom of Fife," but it did all this incredibly well with catchy melodies, anthoms, lyrics, that good 'ol background brass/symphony that Alestorm uses, tasteful solos, and caught in a trance of fantasy that you thought only video games and movies could provide. So that being covered let's move on to the reason we are here, "Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards." With how substaintially and musically successful as their debut album I was dieing to hear more from Gloryhammer, and if you haven't listened to it please listen to their first album and you will understand why I am going through all this exitement explaining this. It still bewilders me that so little people know about the existence of this group, so thats why I am takeing the time to write this. Yes I know there is only one song to listen to so far and the release date is too far away (grr), but if you have listened to my advice and my tellings about Gloryhammer and listened to their first album you will understand all the exitement I am under and will also have that absolute knowledge that this has a 99.99% chance of being incredible! Honestly being a musician myself I am really immpressed by the talent and storytelling and can't wait to hear this next one, their first song released to listen to on this album has already gave me a glimpse of the awesome thats on the horizon. So do yourself a favor, if you love music, and love an epic story which whimsical high points and bombastic dark points, buy this album!!! Preview their first album, buy it, listen to it until your epic meter is maxed out, then pre-order or wait and buy this album and get ready to max out your maxed out epic meter because the guitars are charged and ready to fire, the chaos wizards shall rise, and the music shall rock and it shall roll!!!

Coachkraust ,

Pure cheesy awesomeness

There is little in life that has made me as happy as this album. I love it even more than their first. There is no bad songs here.

Poopdevil ,

SO Excited!!!

After the success of the first album I cannot wait for this release. I have heard Universe on Fire and also Astral Hammer. Both AMAZING! Fingers crossed the rest is as good wich I have no doubt it will be.

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