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3.9 out of 5
51 Ratings

51 Ratings

Chris Cary ,

Many Good Hits Outweigh the Few Duds

I didn't really pay attention to this album before it hit the U.S. (which is unusual for most Brit pop/electro sets and me) but once I did, I regret that a whole year passed before I picked it up. The gems include Song 4 Mutya (why can't pop in the USA be like this?? How much longer before we finally cast aside the cheap hip hop mangling the billboard?), Lightsonic (play this in a club and I would go insane around the 2:00 mark), Feel the Same, Love Sweet Sound, and The Things We Could Share. Even though the initial single was Get Down, I wasn't really feeling it. Too (as Mutya would put it) "erratic."

goldfit ,

Wonderful Experience

Excelent songs with an excellent use of samples and sounds, all the arrangements are wonderful creating a very versatile album with the inclusion of many genres, remaining the electronic on most of the tracks.

Tracks definetly worth the download are:
-Get down
-Save My Soul
-Love Sweet Sound
-The Girls Say
-Drop that Thing
-From the Rooftops


let's be honest

don't call me a hater. I've tried to like groove armada, and i'm like one of the most open minded people music wise possible. But groove armada's stuff just seems lame and contrived. i almost hesitate to use the word contrived because it sounds so snobby, but seriously, that's the word for it in this case. No wonder i never heard about this album when it came out - it's totally un-dynamic. Sorry guys, it's the truth. It's not for lack of production skill, because that's there. The songs just aren't cool at all. Even the upbeat ones make me feel sad because they suk. These guys are trying to be mainstream-experimental electronic music, but they just stink. And they're lyrics are stupid.
That said, groove armada has made a couple of pretty good tracks over the years. Superstylin' would have to be my favorite, and I WOULD recommend that, it's definitely worth downloading. Also, the fatboy slim remix of I see you baby is pretty good. Oh, and check out their recent Late Night Tales Mix. i enjoyed it much more than any of their cds, and is worth checking out/dowloading

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