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4.7 out of 5
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399 Ratings


Great Job Dad!

Best of Luck Dad! This is a really good album, the best you've put out in recent memory. I hope the rest of the world realizes and appreciates the long hours and hard work you put in. Love you so much and good luck in Atlanta tonight,
Gracie Folds

Caleb Wikle ,

Theyre back!

Considering the fact that I've been EAGERLY awaiting this albums arrival for the past year, my opinion is a bit biased, but I have to say; I am not disappointed in the slightest. Ben Folds Five really shows a lot of growth in their musical writing style in this album, finding again, that appealing balance of edginess and sentiment I have always enjoyed. As a fifteen year old, my musical taste and talent are still growing, but Ben and the crew, over the past ten years, have shaped me into who I am in that sense, and I really appreciate the overwhelming nostalgia that it brings back to hear them writing new music. This album incorporates a lot of musicality that Ben developed over his solo career, in songs like "On Being Frank," demonstrating string parts reminiscent of "Landed." The "punk rock for pussies" humor and energy is found mostly in "Erase Me," "Draw A Crowd," and "Do It Anyway." In general, the album displays tremendous personality and unwavering dedication from the band members. However, I digress. Take a listen for yourself! This CD is a great buy.
(P.S. I'm going to their first concert since this release date tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear it all live!)

Jude NY ,

Love It!

I am from the generation of The Beatles, Zeppelin, The Stones, Aerosmith etc ... There is no doubt that we were blessed with some of the greatest music ever. Sadly, alot of the music I hear today sounds synthetic; just someone with a great voice who is backed up by computer generated instruments.
A few days ago, a friend of mine was playing this album. I didn't recognize the singer's voice, but assumed it was one of the greats from my generation that I'd never heard before. It sounded a little like The Beach Boys & ELO. When she informed me it was a new release I was truly blown away.
Congratulations on making such a beautiful album!! You have made me a believer in today's music & someday your name will be written on the walls of the R&R Hall of Fame next to John & Paul's......

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