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125 Ratings

Daviab ,


This Is the Day is a great song, as is the whole album really, but I can't believe there is not a single mention of Uncertain Smile here. Uncertain Smile is and shall remain one of my favorite songs ever and regardless of how many times I have played it over the past 20+ years I never tire of it. At $6.93 how can you not buy this album? BTW, the original album art is not what is shown above and was way cooler (I believe created by Matt Johnson himself).

kanuffelrik ,

why, oh, why isn't "Perfect" included?

I loved this album so much and have listened to it a bazillion times. As good as it is, probably my favorite song on the whole album is the last track. And its not included here :-(

"Oh what a Perfect day-ay-ay-ay, if they would just include this song too..."

I suppose it has something to do with licensing, but boy is that frustrating. And the other versions of "Perfect" on iTunes are lame. I'll have to go out and buy the cd.

"What is it I fear from such a regular world?"

tfab ,

Collectors Choice

Uncertain Smile and This is the Day are the BEST of the BEST.

Matt Johnson's 1 man band fully produced runs circles around all other newwave bands and punk bands of the 80s.

20+ years later, rediscovered and absolutely the best find in new music. Tell me if I'm wrong!

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