10 Songs, 26 Minutes


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3.3 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

RoboBuddha ,

Best of the Three.

If anything, this album introduced me to the world of sould music and for that I am thankful. These mixes are full of jems especially from artists such as Solomon Burke and Otis Redding. So if you happen to read this, and you have not yet explored the wonder that is soul music, give it a listen through - you may thank me.

HippieCebu ,

Great Music, incorrect artist

All songs on this compilation are indeed some of the soul greats. Track number 1, Memphis Soul Stew is recorded by King Curtis, the greatest Saxaphone player of his era, not Solomon Burke. I recommend checking out King Curtis with Aretha Franklin live at the Filmore. Wow.

SoulMan from the 70's ,

Basic Black

I am so glad the gentleman told me about King Curtis!! i have been looking for 20+ years for an album called Basic Black!! and Menphis soul stew was on that album. I have been trying to piece together the songs i remember from that 8 track tape and knowing the Artists name of Menphis soul stew was a great surprise and I thank that person very much!! We used to listen to Basic Black out water skiing on the Delta back in the early 70's and of course i didnt think about the album till after the 90's because i had taped it to cassette tape and lost it in the Army. So if anyone else could give any info on that specific 8 track tape, that would be Awesom!! It had King Curtis, and Otis Redding, "sittin on the dock of the bay" and other artists on the Album. Thanks again iTunes, and that one guy/girl very much for the real Menphis Soul Stew Artist!!!!! Scot

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