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72 Ratings

CashTDM ,


I like this music

Donovan Howes ,

What happened?

I love Sonic, and the music is one of the best things about his games. Jun Senoue is a good musician who had a hand in some of Sonic's best soundtracks, like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic Adventure 2, among others.

So what went wrong in making this stupid album?

I'll just throw this out there: this is a collection of some of the most horrendously offensive "music" to ever be made for a Sonic game and is almost like an insult to the Genesis originals. If you think you like this game's music, you're either in poor or undeveloped taste.

So why would I say such a thing? I'm not like most Sonic fans who like to complain about stupid things like eye color; I honestly do not like this album, and it could have been much better.

This "classic music" is comprised primarily of nothing more than uninspired 30 second loops of whatever, produced by the most obnoxious synths known to video gaming. The Eggman battle theme is unquestionably the worst boss theme I ever had the misforune to ever have to hear from amy device's speakers, looping every ten seconds, slowly whittling away at what sanity I had left enduring it for 5+ minutes at a time... And even the better songs in the soundtrack like Stardust Speedway (of Sonic CD fame) and Death Egg mkII sound soulless and psychopathically offensive with their poor choice of instruments.

I mean no offense to my #1 childhood (and enduring) video game hero, nor Jun Senoue, but this is not good music. Sonic's featured better music, and Senoue has produced better. To say that I'm disappointed is no understatement.

TheAlliedGamer ,

Good but

I like the soundtrack a lot but in my opinion it is the worst in the franchise, because lots of the sounds are just 10 notes repeated over and over again.

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