30 Songs, 1 Hour 14 Minutes


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4.4 out of 5
166 Ratings

166 Ratings

Soniclegacy12 ,


Loved the game, and the music...so glad SEGA put it on iTunes!!! =D It's missing some tracks though, especially the Team Boss Battle music at the Grand Metropolis/Power Plant stages, and the music could've been a little longer.

CelestialSushi ,

Thrilled. Absolutely Thrilled.

I had been thinking about importing this album from Japan a while back, as this game has some pretty good music (and it was the first 3D Sonic game that I had played, so it's kind of special to me). Ultimately, it was just too expensive. But to see it here on iTunes with the other Sonic soundtracks?? I was absolutely thrilled when I found out last night and proceeded to buy the entire album this morning. Seriously, SEGA, thank you so much for putting your Sonic music on here! I would totally say there's a market for video game music (now if only they'd post the soundtracks for Sonic Unleashed [FANTASTIC music in this game] and Sonic the Hedgehog '06 [I really want Wave Ocean - The Inlet]). But again, I'm just thrilled... absolutely thrilled.

UltraSuperSonic100 ,

Missing Music

It's a good album but it's still missing quite a bit of music. Here is a list of music that is missing.
• Boss: Egg Hawk
• Boss: Egg Emperor
• Metropolis Battle Area
• Sea Gate
• Hang Castle Part 2
• vs. Team Sonic (Jungle Area)
• vs. Team Dark (Jungle Area)
• vs. Team Rose (Jungle Area)
• vs. Team Chaotix (Jungle Area)
• Sonic Heroes (Full Theme)
• Multiplayer Menu Theme
• Other Multiplayer Music

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