9 Songs, 33 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

aLightningbug ,

I can't believe I just bought DISCO music on purpose.

Hanging my head. I can't believe I just bought an album of largely Disco music. On Purpose. What the heck. For decades, my attitude toward Disco was pretty much the same as the, Mark Watney, character in the movie. But then I saw the movie, twice. And now I'm infected with some kind of Martian plague. I love it though. This Disco crap is almost relentlessly energetic and cheerful even when it's about hopeless breakups and being doomed and such. Somebody help me. But later, after I've listen to this a bunch more times. I bought ABBA now too. All. Your. Fault. Martian.

Xmannyc ,

Sittin here eatin my heart out waitin!

Hot Stuff all the way. Music is awesome and to hear Donna Summer on the big screen is priceless. More movies should have her music. She was The Voice of a generation

Jeetman23!!! ,


Movie was amazing and these songs just added to it. Love to see movies bringing back old music, just like Guardians of the Galaxy

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