7 Songs, 36 Minutes


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4.2 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

Kan Ienny ,


Why only 7 songs??? Been craving anything tesseract since I first heard them and this just isn’t enough for the addiction

rb1105 ,

Grew on me

At first I really didn’t enjoy this compared to their older albums. After a few listens i realized that these are now some of my favorite Tesseract songs. It’s just too short.

Nsjohn130 ,

It's good.

UPDATE 6/20/18

*As an update, after listening to this album now for two months, exactly, on and off I have come to like it quite a lot. I still give this a 4/5, which is a good but not excellent rating, but I find myself really enjoying the songs and the melodies in them. It took a little bit to get into these songs, but they are quite good*

As with the last album, there's some really good stuff. I'll probably listen to it a good amount. But, the creativity, large movements, catchy vocals are all but gone. I think One and Altered State were two incredible albums- especially Altered State (which I initially hated) which I think is a high mark for progressive metal.

With this album, it's got a lot of blandness. Great musicianship. But I think Ashe brought out the best due to his ability to sing on top of the music and not through it. His vocals were more part of the piece, part of the movements, and less the center. Which, is interesting due to his more traditional vocals.

Overall, Sonder has some great songs on it and any Tesseract fan will really like it. But maybe not Love it.

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