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D-Unit ,


I just adore this album. I was looking for new music in my parents' old CD collection (I'm 17 and I'm a big fan of any kind of music that delights thine eardrums from Pavement to U2, almost anything) SO I knew nothing about this abnd except that they had a really cool and funny name and the album artwork looked pretty cool. I put the thing on my ipod and left it alone for like 2 months then I thought "I think I finally listen to this" And Gd, I am glad I did. This music is amazing, the guitars the songwriting, the voice all of it. My fave sonbg is Something's always wrong followed by Stupid, Windmills, Listen, Fall Down, and Fly from Heaven. Great album, awesome sound. I showed this to my firends and they all love it. Go TOAD!

TimEavenson ,

Undiscovered Classic

Every time I listen to this album from start to finish I hope that one day the rock critics will re-discover it, a-la "Pet Sounds". It's that good, probably one of the 5 best albums of the 90's. Toad hit some perfect creative instant on Dulcinea, somewhere between the underproduction and ether of Fear and Pale, but not yet at the studio-perfected earthiness of Coil.

The songs are all pretty contemplative, it's not necessarily a feel good record ("Nanci" excepted), but they are at the same time hopeful, almost angry or begging for a reason to believe in something. Released under a radar full of grunge, every song on Dulcinea is singularly written, both musically and lyrically, but they fit together in an intentioned way that makes you think Toad thought really hard about the order here.

If you don't own this album, buy it. It probably inspired one of the artists you listen to now, though they'd never think of it if asked about their favorite bands. Regardless, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

Bomkweesha ,

A Classic!!!

I first heard of Toad when my sister would play "fear". I stole that cassette and never gave it back, played the tape until it broke, then bought the CD. I ultimately became a bigger fan of the band than she had been. This seems to always be the album that I come back to when picking a Toad album to listen to. There are so many different moods to it, and the songwriting on this record is nothing short of phenomenal! It is very well executed and Glen Phillps's voice just gets me every single time on the song "Windmills" (hands-down my favorite Toad song...EVER!)

Standout tracks: Something's Always Wrong, Crowing, Fly From Heaven, Fall Down, Windmills

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