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76 valoraciones

tiffyhuffypuff ,

Captivating Album

"You Decide" is the song that really caught my attention with this album and the artist. fter listening to this album I couldn't believe this was one of the first albums that they've done. The vocals in Fireflight is what really sets the band apart from the ones they've been compared to (Flyleaf, Paramore, Evanescence). She has an outstanding vocal range and her vocals fit perfectly with the guitar. Fireflight will catch your attention and then keep you listening and singing at the top of your lungs. <3

Fires168 ,


Awesome album!!! My favorite songs from this album are serenity and you decide.

SUPER TB 200000000000000 ,

Great Album!

It's fireflight's heaviest and first album. Although it is their first album, i actully got their second two albums before this one. That is probably because this album has the least publicity of fireflight's albums. Because of that, i was suprised on how great this album was.

Serenity 11/10. It might be my favorite fireflight song! It doesn't have the unbreakable style amazing instramental begining, but it has an amazing chorus and a great bridge. It also has some screaming, which is awesome. It has instramental heavy guitar parts throughout the whole song. BUY THIS SONG!!

Waiting 10/10. Great guitar parts at the begining and the whole song. Great intro. It's very heavy and has a great message!

You Decide 10/10 This song has the great guitar begining that is like for those who wait and unbreakable. It has calmer verses but heavy instramentals. It has a great message and a good chorus. Great song!

It's You 8/10. Good song. It has a very calm verse, but a more lively chorus. Slow for a fireflight song. Good, not great.

Star of the Show 8.5/10 Starts out slower than it's you, but it builds into a pretty good song.

Liar 10/10. Heavy song. It is also very straight forward message. The bridge has Disciple like screaming. It's one of their heavier songs. Great Song!

Myself 10/10. great song. It has a very fireflightish intro with the guitar solo. It's a great song with a great lead guitar and a great message!

Something New 9/10 A heavy song with speedy verses and heavy verses. It's very up tempo and heavy.

Attitude 8.5/10. This song has a more pop intro. Then it gets more rockish. It has great verses and good choruses Good Song!

More Than a Love 8/10 Slower veses. Actually heavier than i expected, but not an extreamly heavy fireflight song.

Action 9/10 a heavy rock song with slower verses. I like it!

Buy Serenity, Waiting, You Decide, Liar, and Myself!

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