Something More

Something More

Pushing against the limits of the hardcore genre, Altars add fresh musical ideas and a deepened lyrical perspective to their typically ferocious sound on Something More. Fans of the Colorado Springs–based combo know Altars for their blistering guitar-fueled attack and uncompromisingly Christian content. This time, vocalist Canaan Smith leads his comrades in asking hard questions while tossing out some unexpected musical curveballs. Tracks like “Caverns” and “Eternity” contrast harsh singing and blast beats with quieter interludes that only heighten the level of emotional desperation. Choral backing vocals in the title tune and “To Give” lend a sense of gravity and grandeur to the sonic convulsions around them. Something More’s aural boldness is matched with probing lyrics that look for redemption amid human sinfulness. “Question Everything,” “Transparency," and “Revolutions” reflect both a humble brokenness and an unquenchable hunger for spiritual knowledge. Avoiding excess studio polish, Altars leave the rough edges intact on Something More, underscoring the honesty of their collective musical testimony. 

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