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4.7 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

_Rick ,


Good stuff. I would compare their previous efforts as a mix between Radiohead and Pink Floyd, with a mix of Porcupine Tree. However, on this album, they seem to tone down the prog side just a bit. The songs are more to the point and do not meander as much. Very melodic. Standout track is Show a little love. A great intro into the band.

Highly recommend.

9key ,

Their best since "Sown"

I *really* like this album! I bought the special edition with the two bonus tracks which are both quite good. There's a good mix of raw guitar, sweet tones, and electronics here. I think it's a more solid effort than Unwound.

JustinSire ,


Since I stumbled on this band d/ling some Pocrupine Tree I have fallen in love and been following them and their awesome music. I preorded this albun but Im sorry to say that the pineapple theif sound that is so amazinga and made me fall in love, is often hidden behind some cheesey attempts at becomming more elctronic and obscure.

There are some killer songs on here, as with all the other Pineapple albums, but I feel the drum machine that comes outta nowhere to start or compliment a track is really off-putting. Its just a bit cheesey the way its incorperated. I love electronic music and when bands use some of its elements, but here it is not done well. All in all, not a bad album, I still really like the elements of TpT that ring through, but the electronic stuff seems mostly forced.

Worth the purchase, but be warned. For a great song check out "Somehere is Missing". So far its my fav track on the album.

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