Some Kind of Trouble (Deluxe Edition)

Some Kind of Trouble (Deluxe Edition)

James Blunt’s distinctive voice brings a fragility to everything he sings, while Some Kind of Trouble avoids Blunt’s brooding tendencies to promote his pop hooks. “Stay the Night” and “Dangerous” are positively infectious, while the ballad “Best Laid Plans” plays like an Elton John tune. “So Far Gone” glides without gravity down the musical lane, as do drifting tunes like “These Are the Words” and “I’ll Be Your Man”, which are among the album’s brightest highlights. If he’s pruned back on the philosophy that peeked through 2007’s All the Lost Souls, Blunt’s only made it easier to hum along through a track like “So Far Gone” or “No Tears.” “Heart of Gold” is not the Neil Young classic but a Blunt original where again he slips into Elton John mode. If Blunt’s voice can become a bit wearing over the long haul, Some Kind of Trouble does mix it up enough for a great random play. The Deluxe Version includes the video and a remix of “Stay the Night”, as well as three bonus cuts that are every bit as good as the album proper.

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