10 Songs, 48 Minutes


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4.2 out of 5
34 Ratings

34 Ratings

Stixxx. ,

Philip Labonte is an amazing vocalist.

I surprisingly found this album at a used record store and is out of print.This is a amazing album especially with Phil. Very diverse. Medlodic, Heavy, Fast, and Dark. It can get alittle boring at times but very good to mosh to. This is not for your average Shadows Fall fan.

jtavano ,

The best Shadows Fall album

I was one of Sahdows Fall's first fans, and I must say, this is the best album they ever did. The loss of Phil on vocals and the addition of Brian was a fatal mistake. The songwriting has always improved, but Brian's voice is blasphemous; it is weak and does not mix well (often times he sounds like he is in the back of the mix). Shadows Fall, in their pre-Century Media days were an amazing live band. It's too bad to see them headlined by such a mediocre singer. I could care less if he was in Overcast. Go listen to Overcast if you like them so much. After Brian entered the band, the songs off of Somber Eyes to the sky were reworked and were less powerful.

By all means, pick this album up, and don't forget to check out All That Remains to see where Phil went post-Shadows. It's entirely unfortunate such an amazing band with so much potential has fractured into two parts not as great as their whole.

Shadows In Flames ,

Great debut

Can get boring sometimes and the production quality isn't too good, but is a great start for an awesome band. Plus it has Phil Labonte why wouldn't you get it?

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