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4.4 out of 5
386 Ratings

386 Ratings

Mr.Bungleou818 ,

Leader of bands

I'd buy that for ten dollars!

Ironmcq ,

You Bet We Care ALOT!

Best band Ever! Way ahead of their time. 17 years!

C Merc ,

Such a bummer!

I am a die hard FNM fan. There are memorable songs from every one of their albums. However, I strongly assert that their greatest album was Angel Dust - not because of the Jim Martin, guitar-heavy, influence - but rather, the intensity of layered, melodic, gritty, and dynamic sound that takes you from hardcore to soft-hearted emotions within a single song. It was truly an audio masterpiece. Sol Invictus?...not so much. It falls right in line with many of Mike Patton's various other projects that focus heavily on bizarre/frivolous experimentation, rather than the layered, thoughtful, and intense melody that die hard FNM fans hope to hear. Make no mistake, I would argue that Mr. Patton is probably one of the greatest front men in musical history and his vocal prowess is demonstrated on this album. Moreover, the rest of the band members are legends in their own right! However, it just wasn't what I was hoping for. With that said, I have a great deal of respect for this band, and they have the right to create whatever sound they so desire!! It's just that I was hoping for something much different than this album. From my perspective, there are only 2 decent songs and they were released before this album dropped. It's kinda' like when you capture the gist of entire movie just from watching the preview - they show you all the best parts just to get you to show up to the theater. Much love to FNM. You are still one of the greatest bands of all time. But this is not a great album.

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