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11 Ratings

Jenna K. ,

Such an Awesome Album

This album is an incredible musical journey. Though I seem to have a stronger connection with a different song each time I listen to this album, my two consistent favorites are "Some Clear Joy is Coming" - the guitar is INSANEly beautiful - and the title track "Small Planes" - the music and progression is beautiful, but the lyrics and vocals hold a particular place in my heart, as Karen belts out towards the end, "twenty five miles or thousands of miles, when am I going to get there" I have listened to these two over and over and over again at different times, and they are two of my favorite songs of all time - not just my favorite songs by this band. Ironically, a song that was not on my favorites list at all is now probably my third favorite song "I left the grounds" - I think because of the very sparse music over which such a powerful and emotional subject is discussed. "Migration", "Songs about traveling", and "Today" are other favorites. If you haven't listened to The Innocence Mission before, though, you absolutely have to start with their third album "Glow" and work your way through "Birds of my Neighborhood" to this album. You will not be disappointed.

boojazz ,

This is the leftovers???

When the Beatles Anthology releases became some of the most sold recordings in their catalogue, many griped that the mass audience was not getting the real deal. But you can always tell the strength of a band by what didn't make the final cut. If the Innocence Mission didn't earn the title of best dreamy 90's band, it was because we were too dumb to notice. "Small Planes" proves it.

For most of us, The Innocence Mission was what held us over between recordings by The Sundays and Mazzy Star. Mission's underratted 1991 release "Umbrella" and their 1995 stunner "Glow" proved they could hold their own against the.... um... softly singing female lead vocalists. Sure, the 10,000 Maniacs had the hype, but Karen sings in landscapes.

During the course of "Small Planes," you'll be treated to a variety of mood pieces. Each one floats by, but leaves an impression while it whispers in your ear. There isn't bad track on this one, even if "I Have Loved You" lingers on a bit too much.

If you must be selective, grab "Song About Traveling," "Too Early to Say," and "Today" for a trip into the senses. Oterwise it's worth the price of admission for the whole deal.

music piggy ,

A Gem

Every single song on this album is gorgeous and unique. Each song becomes more meaningful with every listen. If you don't know this by now, these guys are very mystical in their writing. They leave subtle hints in their songs that, if you're a spiritual person, you'll eventually catch. In my opinion, you should buy the whole darn thing. But if you can't afford it all, go with "Small Planes", "Oh Do Not Fly Away", and "Some Clear Joy is Coming" (Don's guitar sounds like it is weeping sometimes on this album).

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