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15 Ratings

Sk8r Grrrl ,

Mr. Johnson's Opus.

Barrett Johnson's album 'In Case I Went Missing' shows outstanding talent. I listen to a lot of music, but I 'really' listen when I play this album. I would compare the intelligent songwriting and sultry vocals to the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Andrew Bird, Rogue Wave, and Richard Swift. The production is also top shelf. Highly recommended.

wonderlover ,

A breath of fresh air compared to all the crap we call music these days

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals ... that's all a song really ever needs.
Coupled with potent lyrics and indispensable acoustic instruments, this album is great whether sitting at home or piling into your Jeep Wrangler with your girls for a "ROAD TRIP!"

Beauty For Ashes is a clandestine mix that sends chills to the bone. New Years will make one reminisce on better time's passed. Small Hands will make you weep like a baby....instantly. It's like the saddest of all keys, Dminor.

I can't wait for the second album. Download this album and bump it in your earholes.

GetDeckedBlog.com ,

Beauty for Ashes

Barrett Johnson's debut album, In Case I Went Missing, is compiled of several years of recording, writing, & waiting, and is a proven ground shattering first album. Bringing songs Barrett had composed over 10 years ago to find out that he and Dallas Kruse of Zion Studios were years ahead of the Singer/Songwriter movement when this album released in 2008.

Not long after the release of this album I became familiar with this album and it has not left my car since. Permanent earmarked memories come to mind while listening to this album every single time and there are certain emotional centerpieces on the album that to this day pull at my heart.

Musically this album seems to always find a way to draw the lister in. "South of Where You Want To Be," was the first song on this album that made me race to my guitar and attempt to learn it. Eventually I did and I still play it to my friends. "Beauty for Ashes" easily my favorite song on the album, and if you ever make it out to Barrett's show you will know that many other people love this song as well. Without being too cheesy I have to say that song coveys a sense of Heaven and longing that always moves me to sing, "When they lay me down I just pray its next to you..."

Live Shows are usually where singer/songwriters fall short for me. Barrett delivers profound concerts one after another. Going solo acoustic or backed by his phenomenal band Barrett's connective quality that you find in his music always translates to his live shows.

I recommend this album to anyone who has an appreciation for music foremost and secondly to those who enjoy a relaxing listen reminiscent of the light side of Dylan. This album is a personal classic and I encourage everyone to given it a listen.

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