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Parapsychologist ,

I Time travelled by hearing Sleepwalk

In July of 1959 I was new to the Army and was at Fort Ord, California for basic training when our platoon from Company C was marched from our barracks to the Post Exchange to buy sundry items. It was a hot Summer's day, and having lived all my life in rainy northern Washington, I was transfixed by the warmth and brightness of shimmering sunlight in California. As I stepped into the PX I heard this twanging guitar and sweet shrill notes that seemed to penetrate my skin and were wafting through the deepest part of me. Of course what I just said is a reflection of a moment that happened suddenly without any analysis. Years later I heard that same song and travelled back to the time when I heard it played for the first time and felt the same joy and exhilaration thus, I time-travelled. I've played Sleepwalk over and over again feeling that same sublime ineffable joy that comes through serendipitous experiences. I still wonder how I could have felt so great having just left civilian life for one of being a G.I. (Govenment Issue), but now I know better than to second guess life's wonder. We hope for quintessential, timeless moments, and Sleepwalk provided the benchmark for one of these moments of serendipity.

1hoonoz ,


Loved reading your memories from your past about this song. Memories is what life is all about. I remember playing this song on the stereo when my kids were very young ...early 70's. a fun & simpler time of life....good memories. Love this song.

jugmann ,

Oldies are forever

What a classic !

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