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42 Ratings

Wicket02 ,

Wait, Wut?

Buckethead's later music all sounds the same. Huh, tha's a new one. Comparing Elephant with Pepper's is like comparing Death Magnetic and Sgt. Pepper. Completly different. Yes, Buckethead did have some laid-back, accessible tracks, but some tracks like Baseball Furies and Thai Fighter Swarm were nothing like Final Wars, or barely anything on Pepper's Ghost. I'll admit, most of Pepper's Ghost sounds the same lie Bansheebot, but that doesn't mean he's not weird! He wouldn't being doing the stuff he's done on Science Faxtion's album if he was getting boring, bland and unoriginal! Compare the first two tracks (which are oddly enough, dedicated to LeBron James's 24th) with the last two on this album. If you think they're the same, then I'll have to check you into a doctor, see if someone smashed your head in with a 2-ton waffle iron.

Pepper's Ghost and Bansheboot kinda got bland for a while if you listened enough, but he always comes up with something crazy and weird. It's Buckethead! He'd never abandon his old style and weirdness. If you still don't think that Buckethead is still wild, crazy and up to his old schemes, search the internet for In Search Of The. In Search Of The is a set of 13 albums of original material done entirely by the man under the bucket. You heard me right, chicken wing. 13 albums of unreleased material. I have it, and let me tell you, from a jazz fusion gone wrong, to a hip-hop remix out of the washing machine, to a 43 minute jam session of...stuff, it's Buckethead at his most bizarre. No album has an official name, there aren't even any names for the songs! The first 1000 copies were all hand drawn by Buckethead, with each album art cover being different. It's as direct from the artist to the listener as no artist has ever done before.

If you still think Buckethead is boring, bland and unoriginal, listen to his work with Praxis if you haven't already. If after listening to EVERY single new track by Buckethead and nothing has changed your mind, absolutely NOTHING, then you might as well stop listening to Buckethead, than. If that's what you think, then fine. You might be wrong, you might not, but if you appreciate his newer music, then that's fine. He may carry on again and again and again, I'll admit it, but the music is still good, because he's still Buckethead. And nothing, not even a car crash or a burning can of carbonated soda, can change that fact.

devon-Cpoint ,


even though he is starting to sound the same on a lot of songs, doesnt mean its not good. Also, The song King James, Lebron, Lebrons hammer? I think we got a lebron james fan in buckethead :)

BuellFuel ,

Nice n' raw

If you like you're meat bleeding and extra rare, you will love this one. It's full of offbeat, choppy riffs, squeely solos and such. It's very raw, especially later on. Blood Bayou reminds me of Dimebag's (rip) style of southern groove metal... Love it. Every album is something different.

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