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Six albums in, the Pennsylvania punks embrace the darkness.

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Six albums in, the Pennsylvania punks embrace the darkness.

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4.6 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

Sarah Sarcasm ,

Surprisingly amazing

I came late to the party. I didn’t stumble across these guys until 2015. Their album, Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, has been played in heavy rotation since then. It’s definitely my favorite album to run to. That being said, this album is completely different...as it should be. When I first listened to it, I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would really like it but since I was able to download it for five bucks, it wouldn’t have been a huge deal if I hated it. The more I listen to it, the more I like it...the more I LOVE it. There’s not a song that I skip either. I really dig “It Must Get Lonely” It really hits me right in the feels.

Jonathan5746886547790 ,

They dropped the ball on this one

I've been a fan of these guys for years, in fact NCTH is my favorite album of all time, but my god this entire record is just the sappiest lyrical mess ive listened to since La disputes first record. The sheer level of whine we have come to love has out grown itself into a overdramatic sob story. The lyrical content is unimaginative, while the vocal profomace drops from being passionate and live in to grossly bleat. The biggest issue this record has is just that, a dull and dragged out profromance with a gleamy spurts of dreamy gurtiar leads you wish held more place. With the small exception of Pyramids of Salt and the title track, this is as stripped down as it comes. Even with that being said, neither of those tracks make up for the stale taste this album straves with each trackshowing only to be more skeletal then the last. It's bland and uninspired compared to literally everything they've released. As disappointed i am in this record, I'm glad its not a absolute bomb, but its nothing special.

Joann_Prizon ,

I am here because of Jackson

Jackson the Space Dog had a youtube video about this album coming out. And if Jackson says it's good, I buy it.

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