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300 Ratings

rock refugee ,


…listening to the whiners, not the music! Yes, it’s not like their early stuff, or the stuff in the middle, but if you listen close, the first two releases off this one seem a natural progression from their last album which for me was one of their better releases since Soundtrack and Reroute. These guys are good, no doubt about it. Will i like this as well as their earlier releases? I don’t know yet, but does that matter? it’s either a good album or it isn’t. Bands change, grow, evolve. For you out there that want to compare every successive release to the bands “masterpiece”, get over it. Judge each one individually and stop being disappointed because bands grow up.

SPIKE.... ,

Real Fans?

Im reading the reviews for this, and there are quite a few people that are saying that if you are a "true In Flames fan" you should love the new songs. Well, I respectfully disagree. My favorite band on earth is In Flames, just let me get that out of the way now. I own and love just about anything they have put out with a passion. So, are these new songs horrible? No. Are they good? Do the songs stand out? Do the songs stick in your head? Not really. Does it sound anything like the In Flames we all know and love? Again, not really. If you ordered a pepperoni pizza from a place like Pizza Hut, and they made a vegetarian pizza with a nice big helping of curly crotch hair, would you like it? Would you say it's great even though you hate vegetables and most notably the crotch hair because you like Pizza Hut so much that you need to prove how hip and cool you are and demonstrate that you are a truly loyal customer even though they completely effed up your order? As ridiculous as the analogy is, that's how silly some of you guys sound defending this album so far. It's just downright asinine to criticize those of us who actually love In Flames and Death Metal, because yep, you guessed it, this is/was a Melodic Death Metal band! I get that they don't play Jester Race or Whoracle anymore, and that's fine. But......this really does not sound like In Flames at all. The heavy, fat riffs are gone, replaced by overly simplistic arrangements. There is not much in the way the intricate guitar harmonies and beautiful melodies that made them famous. Last but not least, there is barely any screaming, or even a gruff voice so far. Lets face it, Anders is not the best "singer". He is a great vocalist, but singing per se is not his strong point. The simplicity of the arrangements reeks of an album that was really rushed, and just downright lazy at times. I'm not saying that they should not change their sound up to make it interesting, because they have many times in the past, with great success. But I doubt that Katy Perry fans would be too happy if she all of the sudden decided to make an album filled with Amon Amarth covers. Unless of course they were the really cool "real fans"! Im hoping that the other songs on this album are much stronger. If that is the case, I'm sure I will grow to tolerate and maybe even enjoy the new singles beyond the sad indifference that I feel now. This is an incredibly gifted band with one of the best guitar players on earth, so for them to release this weak material, is a travesty in itself. In Flames, you guys are God's in my eyes, but you really need to sit down and discuss the direction you are taking and decide just what kind of a band you really want to be, because this is barely metal, let alone Melodic Death Metal. You also need to put more time into the songwriting, because as many of us "true fan's" know, you don't write while on the road or touring. With that kept in mind, it only took you a couple of months to write and record this, and it certainly shows.

Cowpokefan ,


Oh! I didn't know U2 made a new album

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