7 Songs, 26 Minutes


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4.8 out of 5
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234 Ratings

Anthony Greendown/Finley P. ,

Absolute Android Genius

Dear Cindi,
Your music is out of this world. From the moment I heard your voice at that mundane and melancholy Metrpolis nightclub, I knew our cybersouls would one day be united. To me you're more than Android No. 57821, you're almost...dare I say it...human! I would trade in all my robo-zillions to see you again, but I know that this is bigger than us. This is a movement. The Droid control came to my Metropolis mega-mansion to harass me with questions pertaining to your whereabouts, but don't worry, I told them nothing. Had I known that ten men with guns were at the door from Droid Control I would have never answered. I'd rather drown myself in the murky meadows of Metropolis than let you get disastrously disassembled. I have some imporatant information for you. One, my real name is Finley P not Anthony Greendown and two, the Wolfmasters are getting closer...SO RUN! The Star Commission has probably tapped into my top-notch telecommunicating devices and is recording this message right now, but I don't care. So continue to spread your music throughout the galaxy. And remember, love is more than tin deep.
Anthony Greendown/Finley P.

Popwiz ,

My Favorite Android!!!

I LOVE THIS ALBUM. It's Like a sci-fi movie scored with strings, punk guitars and 808s! It's simply like nothing you've ever heard...it's funk, soul, rock and roll! everything you love mixed into one--with a story and a message to die for! And as a performer Monáe is unbelievable! I've been telling everyone that one day this girl will be a huge star! That day has finally come! By the way, for you die hard JM fans, this special edition of the suite contains two new tracks--"Smile" and "Mr. President." Amazing! Just love her voice and message! Can't wait to hear more!

MusicREALM ,


She is an amazing artist! and ive waited so long to buy this EP/LP...I stayed up all nite just to support Janelle Monae on the day of the release of Metropolis: the Chase Suite1. She is ana amazing singer, her voice is out of this world! if you dont agree then your ears must be def lol, she knows how to deliver real music!

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