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3 Ratings

A huge fan of Bob's ,


Hi sister today I purchased the original version of your song Baba I'm not familiar with your work but I happened to come across this song today. I would like to sow a seed with you and this song, and also put a prayer out to the universe. And that is this, that you and other artist like yourself will create more music like Baba; with a native indigenous feel using the wind pipe, the indigenous drums, especially the shamanic rattles, a steady bass drum and the deep meditative back ground sounds, I can even hear what sounds like the indigenous Australian people's didgeridoo. What makes this different though is having a voice over this kind of music, specifically a black women with a beautiful jazz/poet voice with simple lyrics, basically a chant. I am a black American who does dance as a spiritual practice and uses this kind of music to enter into a dancing meditative state, basically what is called a "trance", a shamanic state if you will . However it's hard to find this style of music created by black or African American artist who put their vocals on the song whereby the kind of vibration is put forth unique to the spiritual, emotional, and soul state of black Americans and our prior and current experience(s) here in America. So I would like to put the call out to The Spirit and the Universe. Beautiful song sister. God Bless.

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